The Cyborg has left the country!

Please understand, though, it was back in the days before I’d grasped the concept of parsimony with respect to portable toolkits.

Valley of Doom-The Story !

Valley of Doom

You might have already seen the YouTube video (see link) titled Alex and the Valley of Doom. This historical document traces the path of five pioneering adventurers on motorcycles as they fight their way though the darkest depths of the Hunter Valley, a wine-growing region about two hours’ ride, or three hours’ drive north of Sydney.

Sir Alex @ Hospital


So, I’m in hospital, I’ve come through emergency and of course all my “good mates” assume it’s a motorcycle related incident that’s put me here, such is my reputation.  It’s not though, I have presented myself to the ED, self-ambulated and for reasons entirely unrelated to riding a motorbike.  It’s a first, apparently.

Sydney Motorcycle Show 2017

2017 Sydney Motorcycle Show So, with my good mate (well, GM#11, or so), Jeorg (The Cyborg), we rocked up to the Sydney Motorcycle Show on the weekend. There were a ton of motorbikes there, which accorded well with our expectations.  There were also several examples of...

Alex and the Valley of Doom

a BMW KTM Motorcycle Adventure by Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV

The hopeless attempt of comrade Alex to interact with Siri …

Yet another failed interaction with Siri. Determined to extract good use from Siri, I gave her another try.  I do wish I wasn’t quite so determined, but it would appear that this is an innate trait, so what can I do?   Scene:  This time I was my...

Further negotiations with modern technology

After the previous dealings with Siri, which did not go so well, I decided to give it another go.  It didn't go so well, either. Me: Hey, Siri! Siri: Knock!  Knock! Me: What? Siri:  Knock!  Knock! Me:  I see; a Knock-Knock joke.  Okay, I’ll join in the fun:  Who’s...

Chapter 160 – Radiator Repair

Chapter 160 Sir Alex's radiator repair  

Negotiating modern-day technically

I just invoked the “Hey Siri” function on my iPhone.  For those poor saps who have a Samsung dicky device, it’s an app that brings up Siri by simply saying, “Hey Siri!”.  It “works" even when the phone’s in sleep mode., as you will see from the  conversation.  It...

How you can contribute to Australia’s nascent space program

There is renewed talk of establishing a space centre in Australia and I am offering you the chance to contribute to its establishment.  I kid you not! “How can I assist in this endeavour?”,  I hear the voices in my head ask, which I assume are yours and not the ones...

Sir Alex Poem …

Some sort of wisdom and life experience … and for sure a great guidance in case you go out next time for a run … Sir Alex Poem (based on a true story)

Blue: your new favourite colour

Here’s a tip for those family-tied men who are struggling to find the time to throw the leg over the bi-wheeled beast.

Australia’s own Rambo

My fellow adventurer, Joerg, and I, had an interesting incident recently, while on a ride, that provided us with a new experience involving a firearm.

BMW is not a charity …

Call me unAustralian, but, I find eucalypts are particularly bloody-minded to the point of being decidedly undemocratic

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