Sir Alex & The Cyborg

This blog has the rambling stories of the adventures Sir Alex and Jörg …



This blog has the rambling stories of the adventures Sir Alex (self-knighted) and Jörg, a finely engineered cyborg of South German origins, who tirelessly carries on in both work and play. These two characters of suspect repute are dirt-bike and adventure-bike hoons (aka riders) of great enthusiasm, but more limited abilities, although Jörg, in true cyborg-fashion, rarely loses the fight with gravity. Sir Alex, on the other hand, would probably have an average angle with the planet’s surface that’s of an acute order of magnitude, i.e. less than 45 degrees.  That’s excluding the angles he might achieve leaning the bike over on those rare occasions when he manages to safely navigate corners.


It is hoped that there will be some useful information as well, minimal as it might be, and also some interesting clips. You will be pleased to note that the narratives, usually of a long and verbose nature and minimal value to your more worthy lives, will be preceded by a warning to the effect that if you choose to read on, you will be at grave risk of sacrificing time that will be irretrievably lost.And further, if ever you do decide to read on after the cautionary note and continue to do so for more than the first paragraph, you should probably seek counselling. 


However, if you read the article to the very end, I suggest you do not bother with any form of therapy as you are clearly a lost cause and you’d only be pissing your money up against the wall. Further still, if after reading an entire article you are of the opinion that is has even a vague hint of merit, I respectfully suggest you will find that you’re living in an alternative reality and probably reside in a padded cell.  Nonetheless, give yourself a pat on the back for having the skill and dexterity of accessing the internet while constrained in a straight-jacket.  Give yourself another pat of the back, if you do manage to pat yourself on the back, given you also achieved this whilst constrained by said jacket.  Now, have a rest.


You have been warned



The Cyborg and Sir Alex.




demolished rims

tattered indicators

Crashed Radiators

broken foot pegs

snapped levers

burned clutchs

fractured forks

cracked mirrors

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